The Lower North Shore area has lots of things to do & has some beautiful places to visit.

A highlight of this area is Balmoral Beach.

Balmoral Beach is a magnificent place to visit for individuals, couples, families & groups. There are next to no waves & the water visibility is usually good so bring your mask & snorkel.

The beach features Rocky Point Island that split the beach into Northern (Edwards Beach) & Southern sections. There is on old quaint bridge that leads from the esplanade across to the island. Bring your camera as the outlook into Sydney Harbour & surrounds is excellent. The island is mostly grass on top & a few trees offer shade. This is be a great place for a picnic. This area & Balmoral Beach Rotunda are popular for wedding photos.

The esplanade walk leads from the Northern end of the beach near The Bather’s Pavilion South to Balmoral Baths. The walk is easy, flat & picturesque.

Public amenities & change rooms are mid way along the Southern section of the beach.