Balmoral Beach

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Balmoral Beach Bridge To Rocky Point Island

Wow! This is an extremely scenic beach & great thing to do in Sydney.

The walk along the promenade is flat, easy & very enjoyable. Old large trees offer sporadic protection from the sun along the walk. There are large grassy areas that would be awesome for a bbq or picnic.

Take the quaint old bridge across to Rocky Point Island for a great view into Sydney Harbour. This area is also very popular for picnics, the view of Balmoral either side is really nice.

The Rotunda & Billy (Dog Statue) are also worth a look.

Swimming conditions are usually very safe with little or no swell. Balmoral Baths is popular with youngsters jumping off the boardwalk into the water.

If you have not been here make the effort to visit.

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  1. Jay Steven

    This looks like an awesome place to visit. Your website things to do in Sydney is nice. Keep up the good work…

  2. RMAU

    There are plenty of activities for the whole family at Balmoral Beach. Paddle amongst the waves, snorkel in the sheltered waters of the bay, sail, join a scuba course or simply relax at one of the cafes or restaurants along The Esplanade.

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